Top 5 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Austin

These days it seems like everyone is constantly on the hunt for that perfect spot where you can get that perfect pic to share with your friends. Whether it’s to show off how much fun you had, celebrate a moment, or document the places you’ve been, sometimes tracking down that spot that’s worthy of your feed can be hard to find. So, here’s a cheat sheet for locals and tourists alike of some of the most Instagram-able places in Austin, Texas.


1. South Congress


South Congress in Austin

With countless unique shops and restaurants, the southern strip of Congress Avenue has been one of the most popular areas in Austin for decades. Not only are there countless ways to spend an afternoon in this buzzing district, but the street’s elevated angle offers a stunning view through the heart of downtown with the Capitol building seen smack dab in the middle. Whether you’re taking wedding photos or a quick pic to commemorate your trip, there’s a reason that South Congress is at the top of the list.


2. The “I love you so much” mural


Wall mural in Austin

Speaking of South Congress, this iconic mural painted on the side of Jo’s Coffee is hands down one of the most recognizable Instagram destinations in Austin. Written as an act of love, these 5 red words written in cursive have become such a desirable spot for pictures that there is always a small line of locals and tourists waiting for their turns to pose in front of that pale green wall. Pay it forward and offer to take pictures for the people in front of you and the people behind you will probably do the same!


3. Barton Springs


barton springs

This swimming hole fed by a naturally occurring spring is one of Austin’s most unique attractions. With over 3 acres of water, plenty of grassy space to lounge on, and a year-round temperature of 68 degrees, Barton Springs is the perfect place to soak up a sunny day. Located in the Southwestern part of the city, the pool is positioned so that you can see downtown in the background. A scene just begging for a picture.


4. The Boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake


Broadwalk in Austin

Lady Bird Lake (technically The Colorado River, but don’t call it that) is the body of water that runs through the heart of Austin, effectively making it the border between North and South Austin. Surrounded by trails and boardwalks, these routes are a great way to get a new perspective on a familiar skyline, and of course, snag some fresh content for the ‘gram.


5. The Pennybacker Bridge Overlook


Pennybacker Bridge Overlook

One of the most breathtaking views in Austin is atop The Pennybacker Bridge Overlook, also known as the 360 Bridge. Just simply park your car off the road and follow the short trail leading up to the overlook where you can behold the 1,150-footbridge spanning across Lake Austin. For a true one-of-a-kind view, book a tour with Paddle Pub Austin, one of the leading boat rentals in the area, and get up close and personal with one of the most magnificent sights to be seen in Texas.