What is the Paddle Pub?
It’s a 20-person pedal-powered pontoon boat, with an experienced captain at the helm. A Baltimore pub on the water! Perfect for pub crawls, Baltimore birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties in Baltimore, corporate outings, brewery tours, sightseeing, themed nights out – the possibilities are endless! A minimum of 8 pedalers is necessary to power the Paddle Pub. There is an onboard motor as well. The absolute best of Baltimore, Maryland!

What all is included in the price?
The price include the rental for the Paddle Pub for the two hours and a captain.

How much does a pedal pub cost?
A private tour has a flat rate of $650. Mixer tickets, where you can buy individual seats, are $45/person. Special events are charged by the hour. Make sure you book your tour well in advance, as we are often sold out on popular time-slots up to a month in advance!

Where do we board the Paddle Pub?
Please call for this information or refer to your confirmation email.

Can we drink on board?
You may, but you have to follow the rules. No hard alcohol or glass (even if the glass only stays in the ice chest). All alcohol is BYOB. Alcoholic beverages must remain on board at all times. Bring your own ice chest and ice. You are also free to bring food on board.  You are limited to drinks per person for drinks you bring, however there is no limit to the amount you purchase from Breakwater.

Can we get out and swim during the tour?

Is it hard to pedal?
Water tends to be very flat, so its not bad at all. In fact, the light exercise helps make the experience. Plus, we have an auxiliary motor. We have had groups of all 70+ seniors pedal just fine. If they can do it, you can do it!!!

What if it rains?
Paddle Pub Baltimore operates rain or shine! If it’s going to rain, we recommend bringing rain jackets and/or ponchos. It’s still a lot of fun- think of it as an adventure. We only cancel tours if there are unsafe conditions, in which case you will receive a credit or refund.

How many coolers fit on board?
We can fit approximately 3 full-sized coolers on board.

Can more than 16 people fit on the Paddle Pub?

Are people under the age of 21 allowed on board?
Yes, but they will receive an “X” on each hand and cannot drink while on board. Riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present. The minimum age to ride the Paddle Pub is 12.

Is there a weight limit for riders?
Yes. Unfortunately due to the nature of the vessels, customers over 300 pounds will not be able to comfortably ride the Paddle Pub.

How do I reschedule/cancel my tour?
It’s easy! Simply respond to your confirmation email with the date change request. Please ensure that you are within the reschedule/cancellation time frame outlined in your confirmation email.