paddle pub long island


What is included in the price?

The price includes a two hour rental of the Paddle Pub experience. We have coolers with ice to keep your beverages cold, a bathroom onboard for emergencies, party lights for night tours, 12 pedaling seats that power the huge paddle wheel in the back of the boat, a front lounge, a dancing area, a bumping sound system, a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain, and a party host/first mate!

Additional Add-On Packages are available for pre-purchased local beverages, professional DJ, or our celebrity guest party host “B-Lashes”. Please call or text us at 631-778-1433 for additional pricing and availability.

What is the Paddle Pub?

Paddle Pub is a 26-passenger pedal-powered 35-foot pontoon boat with a US Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain behind the wheel. Perfect for being outdoors, getting together with friends and family, birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team builders, company outings, divorce parties, date nights, retirement parties, themed nights out – the possibilities are endless! You can book a private party or join a public mixer tour. There is a bathroom onboard, bluetooth sound system, nighttime party lights, pedaling stations, dancing area, and lounge.

Is there a bathroom onboard the Paddle Pub?

Yes, there is a bathroom! It has an open ceiling, so please keep it reserved for #1s only. Most often we can make a pit stop for any #2 cases.
Where do we board the Paddle Pub?
All tours begin and end at Dublin Deck, located at 325 River Avenue, Patchogue, NY 11772. Parking is extremely limited on weekends, so we recommend meeting at the Patchogue LIRR Train Station and either taking a 2 minute carpool ride over or a brief 15 minute walk.

Can we drink onboard the Paddle Pub?
You may, as long as you follow our rules and federal regulations. We provide ample cooler space and ice. Passengers can provide their own alcohol and beverages. Absolutely no glass is permitted onboard (even if the glass only stays in the ice chest). Opened alcoholic beverages must remain onboard at all times. No open containers are allowed to leave the boat. No parking lot pre-games or post-games are allowed, this is strictly enforced by ground security.

Can we get off and swim during the tour?

Currently, no. However, we are working on incorporating an optional beach stop to our tour route for when weather conditions are optimal. You will most likely not get wet on our tours, so you can leave the towels at home for now.

Is it hard to pedal on the Paddle Pub?
The Paddle Pub’s huge paddle wheel is propelled by 100% human pedal power. There are 12 pedaling seats where passengers sit to move the boat. Guests can take turns pedaling, pedal at their leisure, or stand/sit elsewhere on the boat and not have to pedal. We would say it is very light exercise and helps make the experience unique! Plus, don’t tell the rest of your group, but we do have an auxiliary motor which the Captain can kick into gear if you stop pedaling and just want to dance the rest of the time! We have had groups of all ages aboard the Paddle Pub and 70+ seniors pedal just fine. If they can do it, you can do it!!!

What if it rains?
Paddle Pub operates rain or shine! If it is going to rain, we recommend bringing rain jackets and/or ponchos. It’s still a lot of fun – think of it as an adventure! Plus, our first mate party host has a booty shaking rain themed playlist. We only cancel tours if there are unsafe conditions, like high speed winds, thunder, or lightning, in which case you will receive a full store credit to be used on a future date or your credit can be converted into gift cards.

Can we eat onboard the Paddle Pub?
Yes, you can! Food is allowed onboard the Paddle Pub. During the week you can place To-Go food and drink orders from Dublin Deck and bring it right onboard! We often make a pit stop at Island View along your tour, where you can purchase common convenience mart snacks, icees, ice creams, and additional alcoholic and non-alcoholic canned or plastic contained beverages.

How many passengers can fit on the Paddle Pub?

Groups of up to 26 passengers can go on the Paddle Pub. There are 12 pedaling seats, standing room, a dance area, and a front lounge where guests can sprawl out. Groups as small as 2 can book individual tickets for our public mixer tours, which often turns into your new friends group for the rest of the summer!

Are passengers under the age of 21 allowed onboard?

Yes, but you must reserve a private boat. All minors under the age of 21 will receive wristbands for each hand that they must wear during the entire duration of the trip and cannot consume any alcoholic beverages while onboard. If there are any passengers under the age of 21, there must be at least one parent or guardian over the age of 25 for every 4 minors onboard. The minimum age to ride the Paddle Pub is 10. If there are any minors caught drinking aboard the Paddle Pub, the Paddle Pub experience will be ended immediately with no refund and no future credit given.

Is there a weight limit for passengers?
Yes. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the vessel and the activity, passengers over 350 pounds will not be able to comfortably ride the Paddle Pub.

How do I reschedule/cancel my tour?
It’s easy! Simply respond to your confirmation email with the date change request. Please ensure that you are outside the 7 day reschedule/cancellation time frame outlined in your confirmation email to receive your full credit for a future date.