Boat Birthday Parties​

A Paddle Pub cruise is a legendary way of celebrating a birthday party in Madison, WI.

  • Grab your friends, a cooler, and get ready to create paddle-powered memories you’ll remember for birthdays to come.
  • Did we mention our 21st birthday party Paddle Pub tours…? What better way to celebrate your newfound freedom than pedaling with friends on the beautiful water in Madison, WI with a brew in your hand!?

Who doesn’t want a boat birthday party really!?

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Sunday Brunches in Madison, WI

Sunday mornings in Madison, WI are a perfect time for Paddle Pub.

  • Pack some snacks and mimosas in a cooler, and get ready to experience your very own brunch on the water.
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Madison Ladies’ Nights

It’s ladies night in Madison, WI and the boys are at home. What’s a gal to do? The Paddle Pub of course!

  • Pack a cooler with your favorite beer, wine and spiked sparkling beverages and hit the water.
  • It’s the perfect way to bond with your friends.
  • And let’s be honest… it’s the perfect setting for the ultimate Insta-moment!
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