San Diego’s Top 5 Birthday Ideas For Men

Your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and you want to make it a special one for him. Knowing you already have a private dinner set up for just the two of you; you want to go the extra mile and plan things to do for a man’s birthday with his best buds.

Or perhaps you’re the best friend of a workaholic, making it your responsibility to get him to let loose and have some fun for once (we all know that guy). Regardless of the shoes, you’re wearing, we’re here to help you make that day a special one for him.

 Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 birthday ideas in San Diego (in no particular order) for that special guy. So let’s go ahead and get started!

1. Punch Bowl Social


San Diego’s Top 5 Birthday Ideas For Men


You can’t lose taking a group of adult men to one of the largest bars in San Diego. Add in the ping pong, darts, bowling, and a handful of other games… It’s the perfect way to enjoy a birthday as an adult as if you’re a kid again.

What we really like about this place is the copious amounts of space, seating, and open areas available on TWO stories to gather, mingle and just let loose with your group of friends. It’s almost like this place was built for adults to enjoy their birthday, which may be best evidenced by their candle-lit birthday “adult” milkshakes!

We can assure you won’t get any complaints about the food either. Oh yes, don’t forget to order their Rosemary fries. Thank us later.

Location: 1485 E St, San Diego, CA 92101

2. San Diego Paintball Park


San Diego Paintball Park


What’s better than gathering a group of your best buds, and shooting each other with paintballs?

Throw in the carnal desires of competition, ego, and camaraderie amongst the boys… It’s exactly what the doctor ordered for a grown man stuck in a cubicle all day. Letting loose, giggling like a little boy throughout the competition, shooting a paintball gun, and watching your friends complain of agonizing pain from your shot… That’s a recipe for a GREAT time.

San Diego Paintball Park & Birthday Parties is located at 8268 Industrial Park Driveway, San Diego, CA 92111.

Although alcoholic beverages are not permitted, that’s probably for the better.

3. OMNIA Nightclub San Diego


OMNIA Nightclub San Diego


Perhaps you, along with the others in the birthday boy’s caring group of friends believe a good old-fashioned hangover is in store for the birthday boy. How thoughtful.

Now as much as we all believe it’s the women that like to post their night for everyone to see on social media… we can all agree that men aren’t immune to posting pictures of their night as well; especially considering the amount of money being spent reserving tables and popping bottles all night.

And let’s be honest here; a night out at the club popping bottles with the boys, making the birthday boy feel extra special drawing as much attention towards him that he can take… no matter how embarrassed he gets, that smile on his face speaks volumes.

For those with the budget and willingness to spend ferociously, we recommend taking your lucky friend to OMNIA Nightclub in San Diego’s Gaslamp. This venue is as over the top as you’re going to get, short of flying to Vegas for the night.

Location: 454 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

4. Indoor K1 Kart Racing


Go-karting San Diego


Every male has the need, the need for speed. Now we know you love the birthday boy, but we also understand it takes a pretty penny to go take him to race Ferraris.

Lucky for you, we know of a much more affordable alternative.

K1 Speed is home to an incredible indoor racetrack that allows its customers to race in awesome Go Karts that reach speeds of up to 45 MPH! Just like the enjoyment, you would get from paintballing; racing these powerful Go-Karts against your best friends gives you the opportunity to let loose and feel like a kid again.

Sometimes as adults we fail to realize that the best gift can be as simple as invoking a specific emotion we haven’t felt since we were kids. Racing past your buddies, feeling the adrenaline of such significant speeds so close to the ground… that’s a recipe for a great time amongst your best buds.

Consider the birthday boy here. Maybe he doesn’t need another night out at the club. Perhaps he could use, even if for a tiny moment in time, a rush of emotions he hasn’t felt since he was a kid.

Location: 1709 MAIN ST. SAN DIEGO, CA 92113

5. Paddle Pub San Diego


San Diego Paddle Pub Birthday party


You know we had to save the best for last.

Just picture it… The birthday boy, surrounded with his best buds on a private pontoon, drinking his favorite adult beverages on the crisp waters of Mission Bay. Or perhaps you want to mix it up and add to the experience with other “pontoon-ers” (also possible)?

Men are men, and powering a pontoon by way of 12 paddling stations, drinking and laughing amongst each other with music and party lights adding to the fun… everything just feels right. Paddle Pub San Diego is San Diego’s newest water experience.

We came here to deliver the experience. We came here to this beautiful city to stay.